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MCXpress Turbo Kits
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MCXpress Turbo Kits at Prince George Yamaha


Yamaha Mountain SnowmobilesGet more power, more speed, and climb higher with MCXpress Turbos. The kits are produced in Sweden and distributed in North America exclusively by PRINCE GEORGE YAMAHA. These kits have been in development since 1980 and now dominate the powersport turbo industry. They come with everything you need to install the turbo system, and have transformed tame 4-strokes into 310 hp competition killers!

Get The Power To Perform !

MC Xpress Turbos

Learn more about individual MCXpress Turbo Kit models, the technology, and where to find a dealer in your area at the MCXpress Dealer Website.

Boost Power - How the Turbo Kit Works

One of the surest ways to get more power out of an engine is to increase the amount of air and fuel that it can burn. One way to do this is to add cylinders or make the current cylinders bigger. Sometimes these changes may not be feasible -- a turbo can be a simpler, more compact way to add power, especially for an aftermarket accessory.

Turbochargers allow an engine to burn more fuel and air by packing more into the existing cylinders. The typical boost provided by a turbocharger is 6 to 8 pounds per square inch (psi). Since normal atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi at sea level, you can see that you are getting about 50 percent more air into the engine. Therefore, you would expect to get 50 percent more power. It's not perfectly efficient, so you might get a 30 to 40 percent improvement instead.

One cause of the inefficiency comes from the fact that the power to spin the turbine is not free. Having a turbine in the exhaust flow increases the restriction in the exhaust. This means that on the exhaust stroke, the engine has to push against a higher back-pressure. This subtracts a little bit of power from the cylinders that are firing at the same time.

The turbocharger also helps at high altitudes, where the air is less dense. Normal engines will experience reduced power at high altitudes because for each stroke of the piston, the engine will get a smaller mass of air. A turbocharged engine may also have reduced power, but the reduction will be less dramatic because the thinner air is easier for the turbocharger to pump.

MCXpress Turbos Installation

Installation of the Turbo Kit is straightforward - allow at least 18 hours.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding our kits, installation or becoming an authorized MCXpress Turbo dealer.

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We carry a full range of parts and accessories for Yamaha ATVs, Yamaha Snowmobiles, Yamaha Motorcycles, Yamaha Watercraft, outboard motors and power products and we can service other makes and models of recreational vehicles too. Prince George Yamaha has one of the Largest Parts Inventories in Northern BC, and what we don't have on hand we can get within 2 business days.


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